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Miss Bonnie Dunn

Miss Bonnie Dunn, known as The Godmother of Burlesque, began her burlesque performance career in 1994.  She had been working as a singer in both New York City and New Orleans when she found her way to the Fallen Angel, later to be called The Blue Angel.

Bonnie went on to help shape the rebirth of Burlesque in New York and accross the United States. She was a legend among the burlesque and performance art community in NYC. 

She founded Le Scandal Cabaret in 2001 where she became a true nurturer of new talent.  Her welcoming sprit made each performer feel safe and appreciated. She was always available to lend an ear and give advice to performers and other producers.

Her support knew no bounds as she would go to see not only Le Scandal performers in their other venues and ventures, but would go out to support the artist and support staff that helped make her shows possible, down to the bartenders, waiters, and staff of the venues that Le Scandal called home.

Miss Bonnie sadly passed away in January of 2019, but per her wishes her show and legacy continues on.

We Miss and Love you Miss Bonnie.  Rest in Power and Pasties!

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